Quotes from the Movie ...And Justice for All

At this point, I would just like to say that what this committee is doing in theory is highly commendable. However, in practice, it sucks... and I'm not going to answer any more questions.

Arthur Kirkland

This is a man bent on killing himself, it's not secret, a guard found him in his chambers once trying to hang himself! This is a man who's making valid decisions on people's lives!

Arthur Kirkland

Sixteen years of marriage and my wife still won't eat Chinese food. It's crazy, especially since we met in a Chinese restaurant.

Judge Rayford

Gentlemen, do you realize you're in a court of law? Now, let's proceed in an orderly fashion.

Judge Rayford

If everybody agrees I'm innocent, how come I'm going BACK to jail?

Jeff McCullaugh

I haven't left the scene of the accident, I'm in it!

Carl Travers

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