Quotes from the Movie 1408

This is it?

Mike Enslin

Hotel rooms are a naturally creepy place.

Mike Enslin

It does have the vague air of menace.

Mike Enslin

It's not that what I'm seeing is not real. It just ain't as real as it seems.

Mike Enslin

If something should happen, if I should slip and fall, I want it known it was an accident. The room did not win.

Mike Enslin

On the shiver scale, I give the Dolphin Hotel... a perfect ten.

Mike Enslin

I called the cops. They're in Room 1408. The room is empty.

Lilly Enslin

Don't enter 1408.


I ain't going in that room.


We've only just begun.


All guests get to relive this hour over again. If you wish, feel free to use our express check out service.

Hotel operator

We have killed your friends. Eight, eight. All friends are now dead.

The Room

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