Quotes from the Movie 2012

When they tell you not to panic... that's when you run!

Jackson Curtis

The moment we stop fighting for each other, thatís the moment we lose our humanity.

Adrian Helmsley

So you're telling me that the new North Pole is in the middle of Wisconsin?

Carl Anheuser

That's actually the South Pole.


[about Laura Wilson] Cute girl, eh?

Carl Anheuser


Adrian Helmsley

That was the First Daughter you were looking at.

Carl Anheuser

I wansn't looking at her.

Adrian Helmsley

Better move fast, kid. The end is near.

Carl Anheuser

Whoa, that's a big plane.

Noah Curtis

It's Russian.

Yuri Karpov

Don't be scared.


Honey, do I look scared to you? Huh?




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