Quotes from the Movie 28 Days

Attention all patients. Tonight's lecture is, "What's wrong with celebrating sobriety by getting drunk."


Don't miss tonight's lecture, "Is God an alcoholic?"


You're about as perceptive as Helen Keller.


You know you're screwed. Mm-hmm.

Imaginary Gwen to Gwen

don't think you have niceness, you see, I don't feel niceness coming from you.


Oh, that would be a great idea. You could spread your negativity even further. You know, if you really tried, you could ruin the experience for the entire patient population!


What do you want to bet, that child turns out to have a gambling problem?

Dr Griffin

And I'm a patron of the arts and diseases and cures and stuff. That's what I'm spending my money on. So I like to have a little bit of fun.


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