Quotes from the Movie A.I.

I do love you, you know. I have always loved you.


Those were the years when the icecaps melted due to the greenhouse gases and the oceans had risen and drowned so many cities along all the shorelines of the world. Amsterdam, Venice, New York forever lost. Millions of people were displaced. Climate became chaotic. Hundreds of millions of people starved in poorer countries. Elsewhere a high degree of prosperity survived when most governments in the developed world introduced legal sanctions to license pregnancies. Which was why robots, who were never hungry and did not consume resources beyond those of their first manufacture were so essential an economic link in the chain mail society.


I am not a toy!


Now we run!


He who is without "sim", cast the first stone.

Lord Johnson-Johnson

Would you be so kind and shut down my pain receivers?

Junky Mecha

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