Quotes from the Movie American Me

1. Montoya Santana: The state is so lame, they paid for the game. 2. Montoya Santana: You want to know something? I never been to the beach before. Yolanda: For reals? Montoya Santana: Yeah, for reals.

Sal Lopez, Vira Montes, Roberto Martn Mrquez, Dyana Ortelli, Lance August, Don Pugsley

You know, a long time ago, two best homeboys, two kids, were thrown into juvie. They were scared, and they thought they had to do something to prove themselves. And they did what they had to do. They thought they were doing it to gain respect for their people, to show the world that no one could take their class from them. No one had to take it from us, ese. Whatever we had... we gave it away. Take care of yourself, carnal.

Montoya Santana

You're like two people. One is like a kid. Doesn't know how to dance, doesn't know how to make love. That's the one I cared about. But the other one, the other one I hate. The one who knows, the one who has this wrapdown, who knows how to run drugs, who kills people!


The state is so lame, they paid for the game.

Montoya Santana

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