Quotes from the Movie An American Tail

I'm your guard, Tiger. Don't make any sudden moves, 'cause I'm crafty and I'm quick. I've got the instincts of a cat. What am I saying? I am a cat.


You lost your family? Oh, dear. That's terrible. I lost my family, too. Years ago, I mean. Eight brothers. Ten sisters. Three fathers.


Listen, I like mice. Tiger: Oh, no. Not like that. You see, I don't eat red meat at all. I'm a vegetarian. Oh, a little fish now and then, but what I really like is a nice piece of... shh... broccoli.


Stick with me, kid. Tony Toponi: Hey, hey, hey! What, are we engaged or something?

Tony Toponi

Heh heh, trust me, kid. Trust me.

Warren T. Rat

Don't worry, gentlemen. There are plenty of mice in Hong Kong.

Warren T. Rat

Hey, I wonder how you say "trust me" in Chinese.

Warren T. Rat

Papa, why'd they change my name to Tilly?

Tanya Mousekewitz

Fievel, this is the last time I take you to America.

Papa Mousekewitz

This is America! We have free speech! We can say "cat" here! Cat, cat, cat, and double-cat!


Today was the worst day ever. Those cats are killing evewyone. They don't even know the diffewence between wich and poor. The wetches!

Gussie Mausheimer

Money isn't everwything. I know because I have money, and I have evewything. But what are they worth without fweedom?

Gussie Mausheimer

We have a plan. E Pluribus Unum.

Gussie Mausheimer

Wewease the secwet weapon!

Gussie Mausheimer

Poor lad. So young. He never had a chance to vote. Well, he'll vote from now on. I'll see to that.

Honest John

Qu'est-ce que c'est? A little immigrant. Now they are coming by bottle.


Hey Tiger, when the boss plays, it's culture...

Jake the Cat

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