Quotes from the Movie And the Band Played On (film)

This may be the first epidemic in history of which no one officially died.

Dr. Don Francis

How many hemophiliacs have to die before it'll be cost effective for you people to do something about it? A hundred? A thousand? Give us a number so we won't annoy you until the amount of money you start losing on LAWSUITS makes it PROFITABLE for you to save people than to kill them!

Dr. Don Francis

When the doctors start acting like businessmen, who do the people turn to for doctors?

Dr. Dennis Donohue

This is not a political issue. This is a health issue. This is not a gay issue. This is a human issue. And I do not intend to be defeated by it. I came here today in the hope that my epitaph would not read that I died of red tape.

Roger Gail Lyon

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