Quotes from the Movie Bedtime Stories (film)

What the heck is on my head right now?

Skeeter Bronson

Barry had a Nottingham. Nottingham. Nottingham. Barry had a Nottingham whose beard was white as snow. [Skeeter stops singing] C'mon, give it up for the big man.

Skeeter Bronson

Lucky my wallet only had three dollars, and my Derek Jeter baseball card!

Skeeter Bronson

I'll have me win in the story, so I'll win for real. Do ya dig?

Skeeter Bronson

Let's get passed that. OK. Oh, see? Look, your enjoying it. We're hugging, and nothing's happening.

Skeeter Bronson

Gotta babysit my niece and nephew tonight. Oh God. Got any advice for me?

Skeeter Bronson

There are no happy endings in real life. The sooner you guys learn that, the better.

Skeeter Bronson

It's not that big, sir. It can fit into one spot.

Jill Hastings

You have to read us a bedtime story.

Patrick Bronson

Patrick's never kissed a girl.

Bobby Bronson

Oh, so positive visualisation. I read a book on that once...I read the back cover...I can't read. [Bugsy starts laughing] Shut up, Bugsy! I've got opposable thumbs. What do you think about that?


It's a bedtime story. Anything can happen.


Yeah, well I guess, in the story. I just wish it was like that in real life. I really do.


Abe Lincoln?! What, is this a joke to you?! What the heck's the matter with you?!


So you need me, this is good. Ill do it. But you will have to say "Skeeter is the coolest, Im a nerd.

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