Quotes from the Movie Beverly Hills Cop III

Are you alright?


[Breathless] Yeah I'm ok, just don't let go.

Axel Foley

Orrin, do want to tell me what's going on here?

Ellis De Wald

Fucking guy shot a Detriot police officer last weekend.

Axel Foley

Last weekend? I was at my beach house in Laguna last weekend.

Ellis De Wald

[Into intercom] Miss Bruce? Call the polic

Orrin Sanderson

[Voice-over] They just walked in!

Miss Bruce

That's the guy, that's the killer!

Axel Foley

[To Flint] Man, you got a fifty dollar bill?

Axel Foley

I got a wife and three kids, I haven't seen a fifty in twelve years.

John Flint

[To Billy] You got a fifty dollar bill?

Axel Foley

When will I get it back?

Billy Rosewood

Man! Give me fifty dollars!

Axel Foley

You haven't seen the Tunnel of Love ride have you Axel.


[Coy] Well I didn't know you had a Tunnel of Love ride at Wonderworld.

Axel Foley

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