Quotes from the Movie Blue Collar

Why do you go to the line every Friday?

Smokey James

Because the finance man's gonna be at your house on Saturday, right? That's exactly what the company wants - to keep you on their line. They'll do anything to keep you on their line. They pit the lifers against the new boys, the old against the young, the black against the white - ANYTHING to keep us in our place.

Smokey James

Y'know I can't go to the Green Room with every little thing. I gotta wait for somethin' big, or a buncha little things. Now we can't let our power be dissipated by the, by the plant. . .

Clarence Hill, Union Steward

Plant my ass, man! That's all you talk about, "the plant"! Everybody know what "the plant" is. "The plant" just short for plantation!

Zeke Brown

It sounds like a simple misunderstanding to me. Now... Zeke'll buy Miller a bottle of Cutty, and we'll forget the whole thing.

Clarence Hill, Union Steward

If you hate it so much, why dontcha just turn it off?

Caroline Brown

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