Quotes from the Movie Brazil

There you are, your own number on your very own door. And behind that door, your very own office! Welcome to the team, DZ-015.

Mr. Warrenn

What is this mess? An empty desk is an efficient desk.

Mr. Warrenn

This is your receipt for your husband... and this is my receipt for your receipt.

Arresting Officer

Mistakes? We don't make mistakes.

Bill, Department of Works

Bloody typical, they've gone back to metric without telling us.

Charlie, Department of Works

It's been confusion from the word go!


What have you done with his body?

Mrs. Buttle

Until this whole thing blows over, just stay away from me.

Jack Lint

It's not my fault that Buttle's heart condition didn't appear on Tuttle's file!

Jack Lint

This is information retrieval not information dispersal.

Jack Lint

Just me and my little knife! Snip snip - slice slice... can you believe it?

Dr. Lewis Jaffe

Faces are a doddle compared to tits and ass. No hairline.

Dr. Lewis Jaffe

Where'd you get this from, eh? Out yer nostril?


All you've got to do is blow your nose and it's fixed, in't it?


Computers are my forte!


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