Quotes from the Movie Cleopatra

You know, Octavian... it's possible that when you die, you will die without ever having been alive.

Marc Antony

Queens. Queens. Strip them naked as any other woman, they are no longer queens.


Antony is dead? You say that as if it were an everyday occurrence. The soup is hot, the soup is cold. Antony is alive, Antony is dead.


I am Caesar.


Like my gold, I used them where they are worth most.


His Majesty King Ptolemy, kindred of Horus and Ra, beloved of Thoth...


Well versed in the natural sciences and mathematics. She speaks seven languages proficiently. Were she not a woman one would consider her to be an intellectual. Nothing bores me so much as an intellectual!


It is also difficult to tell the rank of a naked general. Generals without armies are naked indeed.


Have 300 warships ever been built for war without war?


Extremely well, befitting the last of so many noble rulers.


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