Quotes from the Movie Clerks II

Did Randal just call Mr. Dante a nigger?


I have a huge boner right now.


Don't look at his wee-wee.

Concerned Father

That's not very hygenic. That's all I'm gonna tell you.

Gawking Guy

Go-bots are like the K-Mart Transformers.

Lance Dowds

Randal Graves, you work here too? Jesus, anyone else from our graduating class back there?

Lance Dowds

Baby, you can't taste racism!


Ooh, cake! Gotta finish up!

Sexy Stud

One ring to rule them all.


You know what, maybe we should start calling your friend Padme, 'cause he loves Mannequin Skywalker so much, right? "DANGER, DANGER, MY NAME IS ANAKIN, MY SHITTY ACTING IS RUINING SAGA."

Lord Of The Rings Fan

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