Quotes from the Movie Dan in Real Life

Which means she's going to pick you up, and you're going to have drinks! You're going on a date!

Mrs. Burns

Ruthy 'Pig-face' Draper...come on that is downright cruel!

Uncle 2

Why you're persistent in acting like a 15 year-old is beyond me.

Mrs. Burns

I think you know what that means.

Mrs. Burns

He's looking into the vast void that is his future; you just happen to be there.

Uncle 1

nplug that bottle...I think I mixed the metaphor there.


The one question that no one will ask is: will Dan ever find love again?

Aunt 1

So, Harvard Medical, Johns Hopkins, you're certainly doing well for yourself Ruthy.


Must not leave enough time, though, for dating.


Well, there was someone...um, he was very special in my life, but um...[starts to cry] he was...lost in a...freak accident, I'm so sorry! What's weird is that we had only known each other three days, but you know how sometimes you just...know.


Dude I'm sorry, but any girl that moves like that...a guy has got to wonder.


Oh, no, she's cool. Marie, you're cool right?


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