Quotes from the Movie Dont Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood

Everyone in the hood been up in her! She got more kids than Mrs. Wayans!

Loc Dog

Well, I can see how a pretty little woman like yourself can make a man a little sick- I mean, nervous!

Loc Dog

"The Dog" don't bite... unless ya ask.

Loc Dog

Yo, pass that shit!

Loc Dog

My name is Dashiki. That's Swahili for "doggy-style."


Huh uh, fool. That's the baby's lunch.


Damn! This is some good shit.


Tray, I don't want you hangin' out in the streets. I want you to finish school, 'cause without an education the only kind of work you're gonna get is sellin' drugs, pimpin' women, or workin' security for Eddie Murphy.

Ashtray's Mother

Well, I see your hobbies include "drinkin', smokin' weed, and all kinds of ill shit."


If you hit a man, in time his wounds will heal. If you steal from a man, you can replace what you've stolen. But always cross in the green, never in between. Because the honorable Elijah Muhammed Ali floats like a butterfly and stings like a bee. And always remember my brother, one fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish, knick knack, paddy whack, give a dog a bone, two thousand, zero, zero, party, oops! Out of time, my bacon smellin' fine.

Ashtray's cellmate

Five dollaz bustur!

Al Dog

And that's what God expects from His sheep, here at the Greater Ebenezer New Revival Tree of Life Institutional Double Rock on the Side of the Road to Jericho Missionary Baptist Church of Zion! And I said Mount Cavalry! Huh! Y'all gonna help me!


Hurry up and buy.

Korean Woman

What's up with them hoes tonight?

Doo Rag

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