Quotes from the Movie Drowning Mona

Good luck doesn't happen to people like us. Good luck happens to Madonna.

Rona Mace

I could wind up floating on the bottom of the Hudson.

Rona Mace

Some shame bout that Mona Dearly. I mean, so young.

Rona Mace

Don't call yourselves BJ Landscaping. You don't want people to go around calling you "Blow Job Landscaping."

Mona Dearly

I want half. And don't give me none of that "fifty-percent" shit.

Jeff Dearly

Look, I heard you the first time, Bobby. I ain't mute.

Jeff Dearly

I'm a Wheel Watcher! I'm a Wheel Watcher!

Phil Dearly

They found him this morning...dead in the water, so to speak.

Lt. Feege Gruber

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