Quotes from the Movie Get Shorty

I'm not gonna say any more than I have to, if that.

Chili Palmer

I said I'm never going to bed. There's a difference. See this article says most people die in bed. I figure as long as I never go to bed, I'm safe.

Chili Palmer

The point is this, it's that when I say jump, you say okay, okay?

Ray Bones

I like you Chili. I think you're a decent type of man, even if you are a crook

Faye DeVoe

Harry, let me give you some advice. You don't want to act like a hard-on, you're standing there in your undies.

Chili Palmer to Harry Zimm

Look at me

Chili Palmer

"That's not bad for a guy his size."

Chili Palmer

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