Quotes from the Movie Hammett

Why is he tailing me all over town? Does he think I'm pretty or what?

Samuel Dashiell Hammett

I knew you gone sour, Ryan, but I didn't know you gone simple.

Samuel Dashiell Hammett

Her name wasn't really Sue Alabama... It was Sue something Greek and unpronounceable.

Jimmy Ryan

She primed him and I went in on the cleanup.

Jimmy Ryan

Sex was nearly all Sue Alabama ever needed, and she could use it the way some guys use a blackjack.

Jimmy Ryan

I can't figure him for a cannon. The only thing Pen Pal would ever use is the U.S. Mail... Extortion.

Jimmy Ryan

He needed one hand for the money and the other for the gun... He wasn't good enough to handle both.

Sue Alabama

Whose there? You don't want a belly full of daylight!

The Punk

You have a unique persuasive style, sir. Perhaps a little lacking in finesse, but then, polish isn't everything.

English Eddie Hagedorn

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