Quotes from the Movie Hoodwinked

What the schnitzel?

The Woodsman

I had always heard about call backs. But I had never gotten one!

The Woodsman

It was the wolf. I knew it, it's always either the butler or the wolf!

The Wolf

Never trust a bunny.

The Wolf

What... have I done?

The Wolf



Caff-EINE! YEAH, baby!


You again? What do I have to do, get a restraining order?


Listen, honey, if there's two things your granny doesn't do, it's lie, and play extreme sports.


Let's just say that if a tree falls in the forest you'll get three stories: yours, mine and the tree's.

Nicky Flippers

He seems to be speaking... words of some kind.

Chief Grizzly

Watch it, Chief. My mama's half loon.

Detective Bill Stork

And Keith-- darn it, change your name! It's not scary, and I'm embarassed to say it.


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