Quotes from the Movie I Heart Huckabees

There is no remainder in the mathematics of Infinity.

Bernard Jaffe

Say this blanket represents all the matter and energy in the universe, okay? This is me, this is you, And over here, this is the Eiffel Tower, right, it's Paris!

Bernard Jaffe

No time for infinity? Gotta piece together a theory?

Bernard Jaffe

Your mind is always occupied on something...so it may as well be something helpful.

Bernard Jaffe

I'm in my tree talking to the Dixie Chicks and they're making me feel better.

Dawn Campbell

Wake up, pretty girl, the joke is on you!

Dawn Campbell

These are the best tops around. Last time, last year - not so good. [suddenly fervent] But now, this is the *truth*! You can't deal with my infinite nature, can you?

Dawn Campbell

It is inevitable to be drawn back into human drama.

Caterine Vauban

I eat Tofu Tuna, Brad!

Shania Twain

Come, join us for mancala hour. Arriba!

Vivian Jaffe

God, what are you, a bitch? You're a bitch! How many kids do you have, bitch?

Mrs. Markovski

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