Quotes from the Movie Latter Days

Honey, I've blown a guy just to get him out of my apartment. Sex for my career would be noble.


Who called up Deliver-a-fag?


Christ, who pissed in your cheerios?


They set this thing up to be difficult, ok? We can't listen to music, we can't watch movies, we're never supposed to be alone. I mean, what, we're ninteen, twenty years old and we're not even allowed to beat off. Some nights I wake up, and I find teeth marks on my headboard. Look, I put my time in here, so that I can go home, so that I can marry Jennifer, so that I can finally nail her. See? It's amazing what we'll do for sex.


I used to be you. Yeah, I had a career, friends, looks, the whole package. But now I'm just a skeletal reminder that we may only be in the eye of the hurricane.


Christ, my butt has wasted away to nothing. It's too bad, cos I used to have a killer ass. I did. I've got pictures of it around here somewhere.


Oh for flippin'...Gross! Looks like prettyboy isn't the only fag here!


You better betcha they're putting your boyfriend's butt on a plane home this afternoon, and now, we have to move again! Cos we can't live across from some big, doodah flamer homo. Thankyou very much.


If we've reached a point where you're dragging on my day, then we've got a problem. Seriously, you gotta do something. It's time to make a move. Just find a way to get past this.


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