Quotes from the Movie Lieutenant Gonville Bromhead

Don't take it so badly, Mister Witt. Isn't this as good a place as any for a man to be when he's in pain?

Surgeon Major Reynolds

It's all right, boy. You sleep now. I'm damned if I can tell you why.

Surgeon Major Reynolds

Damn you, Chard! Damn all you butchers!

Surgeon Major Reynolds

It's... splendid, I know. But it's quite horrible, too, isn't it?

Margareta Witt

Animals! All of you, animals!

Margareta Witt

Now, don't distress yourself, my dear fellow. There's your own officer, over there. You go and speak to him.

Commissary Dalton

Careful! POT that chap, somebody! Good fellow. Good fellow.

Commissary Dalton

I thought I was tired of farming. No adventure in it. But when you look at it, this country's not a bit as good as Bala and the lake there. Not really green, like. And the soil... there's no moisture in it. Nothing to hold a man in his grave.

Private Thomas

Well, there's a silly man, by damn! He's got himself into a private war.

Private Jones-716

Look at my men! If they're going to die, they'll die on their own farms. You're the professionals. You fight here if you want to.

Lieutenant Stevenson

You slovenly soldier.

Corporal Allen

C-can I... undo me, me tunic now?

Private Hitch

I think they've got more guts than we have, boyo!

Private Owen

That's my boy, Hook! You're a soldier now! I've made a soldier of you!

Sergeant Maxfield

Hooky, that's a flogging offense! For God's sake, man, get out!

Private Williams

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