Quotes from the Movie The Andromeda Strain

Fools! They refuse to believe life exists in meteorites. I showed them at the astrophysics conference what I just showed you. But no! Even with a microscope, they are blind! What do I have to do, hit them over the head?

Dr. Rudolph Karp

UmÖ stop by your rooms and insert these before taking the elevator.

Dr. Jeremy Stone

I have risked drowning in that foul bath! I have been par-boiled, irradiated, and xenon-flashed! And now you suggest

Dr. Ruth Leavitt

I have to! We haven't done a thing about the G.I. tract yet. On Level 5, we must be as nearly germ-free as possible!

Dr. Jeremy Stone

Anyone care to join me for a smoke?

Dr. Ruth Leavitt

No sweat, sir. Those cages are airtight.


I wish you would sweat a little more, Toby. Sweat is a safeguard against some kinds of bacteria and carelessness.

Dr. Charles Dutton

Stick to established procedures!

Dr. Jeremy Stone

Establishment gonna fall down go boom.

Dr. Ruth Leavitt

I'd say it was done by a chemical reaction of some sort, or maybe a microorganism.



Gen. Sparks

Meaning there was something in that plane that consumes plastic.

Maj. Manchek

Feeling better, aren't you, Mr. Jackson?

Karen Anson

Yehhhp! You always have to wear that iron suit?


Tell us what happened, Mr. Jackson.

Dr. Mark Hall

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