Quotes from the Movie The Godfather: Part III

The Pope - the Holy Father himself - has this very day blessed Michael Corleone; and you think you know better than the Pope?

Dominic Abbandando

I will always be your son, but I will never have anything to do with your business.

Anthony Vito Corleone

Tell me what to do. Then I will tell you my price.


We should wet our beaks a little.

Albert Volpe

Look! I'd love to smack Joey Zasa and then whack the bag, Okay? But it's impossible. He's always mingling with people. In front of TV cameras, in his own neighborhood, it's impossible.

Al Neri

Power wears out those who do not have it.


You know, Michael; now that you're so respectable, I think you're more dangerous than ever. I liked you better when you were just a common Mafia hood.


Your sins are terrible. It is just that you suffer. Your life could be redeemed, but I know you don't believe that. You will not change.

Cardinal Lamberto

The richest man is the one with the most powerful friends.

Don Altobello

I've lost the lust for women, and now my mind is clear.

Don Altobello

Uncle Michael, listen - I know you're into banks and Wall Street, but everyone knows you're the final word, you're like the Supreme Court. All I want to do is protect you from these guys and your lawyers can't do that.

Vincent Mancini

Open the door! Open the door!

Joey Zasa

He who builds on the people builds on mud. And Michael Corleone's message?

Don Lechessi

E buono. Grazie, grazie.

Don Altobello

I know you. You're Mosca of Montelepre. You were an assassin then, and you're an assassin now!

Don Tommasino

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