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I resent the fact that people in places like Boston, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and San Francisco believe that they should be able to tell us how to live our lives, operate our businesses, and what to do with the land that we love and cherish.

Wilford Brimley

Tomorrow night I appear for the first time before a Boston audience 4000 critics

Mark Twain

The next Augustan age will dawn on the other side of the Atlantic. There will, perhaps, be a Thucydides at Boston, a Xenophon at New York, and, in time, a Virgil at Mexico, and a Newton at Peru. At last, some curious traveler from Lima will visit England and give a description of the ruins of St Paul s, like the editions of Balbec and Palmyra.

Horace Walpole

To say that obesity is caused by merely consuming too many calories is like saying that the only cause of the American Revolution was the Boston Tea Party.

Adelle Davis

And this is good old Boston, The home of the bean and the cod. Where the Lowells talk only to Cabots, And the Cabots talk only to God.

John Collins Bossidy

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