Celebrate Quotes

To celebrate the heart of Christmas is to forget ourselves in the service of others.

Henry C. Link

Celebrate the happiness that friends are always giving, make every day a holiday and celebrate just living!

Amanda Bradley

Share our similarities, celebrate our differences.

M. Scott Peck

I will celebrate, but I know new goals and objectives will come and I am ready to take them.


If you don't have a date Celebrate Go out and sit on the lawn And do nothing 'Cause it's just what you must do Nobody does it anymore.

Fiona Apple Maggart

I thought of a great way to celebrate my Finnish heritage at home. I'm going to look into opening a chain of strip clubs, and I'll call them Lapland!!!


I told my niggas we would see better yesterday, today is a better day, celebrate.

Lil Wayne

Fortunately for whining snotface, the party itself goes with a bang. She enters looking every inch the cosseted flesh-waste she is, and her and her nauseating idiot scumbag friends celebrate into the night: dancing, shrieking, acting like pillocks, and generally making you feel like getting down on your knees and praying for a nuclear holocaust.


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