Damn Near Lost Me A Quotes

I am now even more persuaded of the urgent need to study why Socrates was accused. The dislike of philosophy is perennial, and the seeds of the condemnation of Socrates are present at all times, not in the bosoms of pleasure-seekers, who dont give a damn, but in those of high-minded and idealistic persons who do not want to submit the aspirations to examination.

Allan David Bloom

Just call me Shoppin Bag Drizzy. And call me Mr Damn, He Aint Coppin That Is He?


Well, damn it all, it's only sixpence, I know, but I suppose he has to begin somewhere.

Horatio William Bottomley

You never credit yourself, so when you got older, seems like it came back ten times over. Now youre sittin here in this damn corner lookin through all your thoughts and lookin over your shoulder.

Lil Wayne

When the Twin Towers fellI felt a dentist had pulled out my two front teeth. I could not laugh anymore. And I have the smile of a smiling damned villain. But I also felt the hole in my mouth became a garage, and entering that garage were terrorists in trucks full of explosives and French diplomatsto f*ck us more with other nationsto run over our dead bodies.

Giannina Braschi

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