Delay Quotes

Impatience grasps at all, and admits of no delay, scorning to wait God's leisure, and to attend humbly and dutifully upon the issues of his wise and just providence.

Robert South

Delay always breeds danger.

Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra

We have the governor once again using his delay tactics and dog-ate-my-homework excuses for not enforcing (the) law.

James Calvin

Delay is the deadliest form of denial.

C. Northcote Parkinson

A delay allows people to have less psychology and more orderly behavior.

Donald Yacktman

The greatest remedy for anger is delay.


Pain is driven far away, and peace comes in its place; there is no delay, when the Guru gives the Order.

Atharva Veda

It is the last gasp of someone trying to do anything he can to delay the end.

James Walston

Instead of the kids starting to experiment at 13, if we can delay it a few years, the research indicates the kids have a much greater likelihood of not becoming abusers.

David Matthews

We have a window of opportunity to prevent a pandemic or at least delay the spread of a pandemic.

Margaret Chan

There should be specific services industry related visas and there should be no cap or delay in processing them.

Kiran Karnik

The last three weeks, every game has been like this. We've had a small lead, had to run our delay game, and make free throws.

Mark Tiby

The delay may give them the opportunity to negotiate instead of rushing to market.

Josh Martin

After a lengthy and unfortunate delay in our investigation, justice can go forward.

Kenneth Starr

This is a matter of public health. The public was sick and tired of DeLay and his corruption.

Jim Hightower
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