Fate Quotes

Actions are the seed of fate deeds grow into destiny.

Harry S Truman

Fate is not quite as strange as it appears!

John McLeod

Men are not prisoners of fate, but only prisoners of their own minds.

Franklin D. Roosevelt

As we move through life, the force of fate creates events that we only appreciate when we reflect on our existence.

Ronald Harmon

Fate - everything happens for a reason. And when fate happens look for the good in it as it is there!

Catherine Pulsifer

Fate is nothing but the deeds committed in a prior state of existence.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

If you believe in fate, believe in it, at least, for your good.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Full of wisdom are the ordinations of fate.

Johann Friedrich Von Schiller

Fate rules the affairs of men, with no recognizable order.

Lucius Annaeus Seneca

Men at sometime are the masters of their fate.

William Shakespeare

Art is a revolt against fate.

Andre Malraux

Statesman only talk of fate when they have blundered

Benito Mussolini

A God without dominion, providence, and final causes, is nothing else but fate and nature.

Alexander Pope

I often feel, and ever more deeply I realize, that fate and character are the same conception.


Unhappy is the fate of one who tries to win his battles and succeed in his attacks without cultivating the spirit of enterprise, for the result is waste of time and general stagnation.

Sun Tzu
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