Guilt Quotes

Guilt is the source of sorrow; 'tis the fiend, The avenging fiend, that follows us behind With whips and stings.

Nicholas Rowe

Guilt is a spiritual Rubicon.

Jane Porter

All good men and women should be on their guard to avoid guilt, and even the suspicion of it.


Men's minds are too ingenious in palliating guilt in themselves.

Titus Livy

Whatever guilt is perpetrated by some evil prompting, is grievous to the author of the crime. This is the first punishment of guilt that no one who is guilty is acquitted at the judgment seat of his own conscience.


Guilt is a poor, helpless, dependent being. Without the alliance of able, diligent, and let me add, fortunate fraud, it is inevitably undone. If the guilty culprit be obstinately silent, it forms a deadly presumption against him; if he speaks, talking tends only to his discovery, and his very defence often furnishes the materials for his conviction.


Guilt's a terrible thing.

Ben Jonson

Guilt has always its horrors and solicitudes; and, to make it yet more shameful and detestable, it is doomed often to stand in awe of those to whom nothing could give influence or weight but their power of betraying.

Samuel Johnson

Guilt has very quick ears to an accusation.

Henry Fielding

Thoughts cannot form themselves in words so horrid As can express my guilt.

John Dryden

He swears, but he, is sick at heart; He laughs, but he turns deadly pale; His restless eye and sudden start-- These tell the dreadful tale That will be told: it needs no words from thee Thou self-sold slave to guilt and misery.

Richard Henry Dana, Sr.

He that commits a sin shall find the pressing guilt lie heavy on his mind.

Thomas Creech

Guilt is ever at a loss, and confusion waits upon it.

William Congreve

Guilt is a timorous thing ere perpetration; despair alone makes guilty men be bold.

Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Guilt is present in the very hesitation, even though the deed be not committed.

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