Guilt Quotes

Where all are guilty, no one is; confessions of collective guilt are the best possible safeguard against the discovery of culprits, and the very magnitude of the crime the best excuse for doing nothing.

Hannah Arendt

The difference between guilt and shame is very clearóin theory. We feel guilty for what we do. We feel shame for what we are.


No acquisitions of guilt can compensate the loss of that solid inward comfort of mind, which is the sure companion of innocence and virtue; nor can in the least balance the evil of that horror and anxiety which, in their room, guilt introduces into our bosoms.

Henry Fielding

Men's minds are too ready to excuse guilt in themselves.


The greatest incitement to guilt is the hope of sinning with impunity.


Guilt is always jealous.

John Ray

Without the spice of guilt, sin cannot be fully savored.

Alexander Chase

It is criminal to steal a purse, daring to steal a fortune, a mark of greatness to steal a crown. The blame diminishes as the guilt increases.

Johann Friedrich Von Schiller

Guilt is the source of sorrows, the avenging fiend that follows us behind with whips and stings.

Nicholas Rowe

Guilt is anything you did and fear others to know about


He that is conscious of guilt cannot bear the innocence of others: So they will try to reduce all others to their own level.

Charles James Fox

Guilt: the gift that keeps on giving.

Erma Bombeck

A land of levity is a land of guilt.

Edward Young

He who flees from trial confesses his guilt.


How glowing guilt exalts the keen delight!

Alexander Pope
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