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When they are not at war they do a little hunting, but spend most of their time in idleness, sleeping and eating. The strongest and most warlike do nothing. They vegetate, while the care of hearth and home and fields is left to the women, the old and the weak. Strange inconsistency of temperament, which makes the same men lovers of sloth and haters of tranquility.


Send the haters all my love. X and O.


On my Youtube page there are so many haters. They just say crazy stuff. Like, I'm not mad. I'm 16 years old and I don't have chest hair and I'm not angry about it at the moment. That will come. People are like, "Look at him he puts helium in his voice before he sings." You just have to laugh at yourself. It's funny.

Justin Bieber

Im still pullin out the phantom and these haters cant stand me nigga Im still doing my thing.


Im like fuck yall haters on behalf of me.


And these haters pretending that its all good. Say that shit in person, man I wish yall would.


Emotions in this game run deep so before these haters kill me in my sleep Id like to say, its been a pleasure.


Im satisfied with a little while you haters want it all. You waitin for the spring and Im gettin it in the fall.


Started off local but thanks to all the haters, I know G4 pilots on a first name basis.


Haters cant see me, nosebleed seats.

Lil Wayne

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