Language Quotes

The language of the body is the key that can unlock the soul.

Konstantin Stanislavsky

A writer and nothing else: a man alone in a room with the English language, trying to get human feelings right.

John K. Hutchens

Praise is the symbol which represents sympathy, and which the mind insensibly substitutes for its recollection and language.

Sir James Mackintosh

At the heart of the controversy in these cases are those recurring pregnancies that pose no danger whatsoever to the life or health of the mother but are, nevertheless, unwanted for any one or more of a variety of reasons convenience, family planning, economics, dislike of children, the embarrassment of illegitimacy, etc. ... I find nothing in the language or history of the Constitution to support the Court's judgment. ... As an exercise of raw judicial power, the Court perhaps has authority to do what it does today; but, in my view, its judgment is an improvident and extravagant exercise of the power of judicial review that the Constitution extends to this Court

Byron R. White

Music is the soul of language.

Max Heindel

The habitude of pleasing by flattery makes a language soft; the fear of offending by truth makes it circuitous and conventional

Walter Savage Landor

Humor is a universal language.

Joel Goodman

Tears are the silent language of grief


Dance is the hidden language of the soul.

Martha Graham

Speech is human nature itself, with none of the artificiality of written language

Alfred North Whitehead

Summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language.

Henry James

Retirement is the ugliest word in the language.

Ernest Hemingway

Life is a foreign language: all men mispronounce it.

Christopher Morley

The word yoga comes from Sanskrit, the language of ancient India. It means union, integration, or wholeness. It is an approach to health that promotes the harmonious collaboration of the human being's three components: body, mind, and spirit.

Stella Weller

Kindness is language which the dumb can speak, and the deaf can understand.

C.N. Bovee

Languages are true analytical methods. Algebra, the means of expression which is the simplest, most exact and best adapted to its object, is both a language and an analytical method. In short, the art of reasoning can be reduced to a well-constructed

Antoine Lavoisier

Conduct is more convincing than language

John Woolman

Language exerts hidden power, like a moon on the tides.

Rita Mae Brown

And don't confound the language of the nation With long-tailed words in osity and ation.

John Hookham Frere

Language helps form the limits of our reality.

Dale Spender

A language is a more ancient and inevitable thing than any state.

Joseph Brodsky

Where nature's end of language is declined,And men talk only to conceal the mind

Edward Young

Thought is the blossom; language the bud; action the fruit behind it.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Kindness is a language which the blind can see and the deaf can hear.

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