Marriage Quotes

Marriage is the only adventure open to the cowardly


Marriage is neither heaven nor hell, it is simply purgatory.

Abraham Lincoln

Marriage is not a noun; it's a verb. It isn't something you get. It's something you do. It's the way you love your partner every day.

Barbara De Angelis

Marriage is a wonderful institution...but who wants to live in an institution?

Groucho Marx

In many instances, marriage vows would be more accurate if the phrase were changed to 'Until debt do us part'

Sam Ewing

Marriage is a lottery in which men stake their liberty and women their happiness.

Madame de Rieux

Marriage is an institution and that's where a couple finish up.

Les Dawson

It is always incomprehensible to a man that a woman should ever refuse an offer of marriage.

Jane Austen

Marriage is the only war in which you sleep with the enemy.


The marriage didn't work out but the separation is great.

Liz Smith

Nobody ever asks a father how he manages to combine marriage and a career

Sam Ewing

The main problem in marriage is that for a man sex is a hunger like eating. If the man is hungry and canít get to a fancy French restaurant, he goes to a hot dog stand. For a woman, what is important is love and romance.

Joan Fontaine

Marriage is the triumph of imagination over intelligence.

Oscar Wilde

Parenthood: That state of being better chaperoned than you were before marriage.

Marcelene Cox

A happy marriage has in it all the pleasures of a friendship, all the enjoyments of sense and reason, and indeed, all the sweets of life.

Joseph Addison 1672

Marriage is like life - it is a field of battle, not a bed of roses.

Robert Louis Stevenson

Marriage is our last, best chance to grow up

Joseph Barth

Marriage is good for those who are afraid to sleep alone at night.

St. Jerome

Marriage is a series of desperate arguments people feel passionately about.

Katharine Hepburn

I think men who have a pierced ear are better prepared for marriage. They've experienced pain and bought jewelry.

Rita Rudner

Marriage is the one subject on which all women agree and all men disagree

Oscar Wilde

Marriage is nature's way of keeping us from fighting with strangers

Alan King

Marriage is an adventure, like going to war.

G. K. Chesterton

Marriage is three parts love and seven parts forgiveness of sins.

Lao Tzu
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