Orator Quotes

The great orator always shows a dash of contempt for the opinions of his audience

Elbert Hubbard

An orator is a good man who is skilled in speaking.

Cato the Elder

No orator can top the one who can give good nicknames.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Jesus of Nazareth, without money and arms, conquered more millions than Alexander the Great, Caesar, Mohammed, and Napoleon; without science and learning, he shed more light on things human and divine than all philosophers and scholars combined; without the eloquence of school, he spoke such words of life as were never spoken before or since, and produced effects which lie beyond the reach of orator or poet; without writing a single line, he set more pens in motion, and furnished themes for more sermons, orations, discussions, learned volumes, works of art, and songs of praise than the whole army of great men of ancient and modern times.

Philip Schaff

We must look beneath every stone, lest it conceal some orator ready to sting us.


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