Pleasure Quotes

An inordinate passion for pleasure is the secret of remaining young

Oscar Wilde

Pleasure is the bait of sin


With the catching ends the pleasure of the chase

Abraham Lincoln

Some mathematician has said pleasure lies not in discovering truth, but in seeking it.

Leo Nikolaevich Tolstoy

Life affords no higher pleasure than that of surmounting difficulties, passing from one step of success to another, forming new wishes and seeing them gratified.

Samuel Johnson

It gives me great pleasure indeed to see the stubbornness of an incorrigible nonconformist warmly acclaimed

Albert Einstein

For let me tell you, that the more the pleasures of the body fade away, the greater to me is the pleasure and charm of conversation


I take it as a prime cause of the present confusion of society that it is too sickly and too doubtful to use pleasure frankly as a test of value.

Rebecca West

The essence of pleasure is spontaneity.

Germaine Greer

No pleasure endures unseasoned by variety.

Publilius Syrus

There is no such thing as pure pleasure; some anxiety always goes with it.


Perhaps all pleasure is only relief.

William Borroughs

We can often endure an extra pound of pain far more easily than we can suffer the withdrawal of an ounce of accustomed pleasure.

Sydney J Harris

There is something self-defeating in the too-conscious pursuit of pleasure.

Max Eastman

There is no sterner moralist than pleasure.

Lord Byron

The pleasure of love is in loving; we are happier in the passion we feel than in the passion we inspire

Francois de la Rochefoucauld

Praise never gives us much pleasure unless it concur with our own opinion, and extol us for those qualities in which we chiefly excel.

David Hume

The time will come when public opinion will no longer tolerate amusements based on the mistreatment and killing of animals. The time will come, but when? When will we reach the point that hunting, the pleasure in killing animals for sport, will be regarded as a mental aberration?

Albert Schweitzer

Why not seize the pleasure at once, how often is happiness destroyed by preparation, foolish preparations.

Jane Austen

There is much pleasure to be gained from useless knowledge.

Bertrand Russell

The noblest pleasure is the joy of understanding.

Leonardo da Vinci

Pleasure is the bait of sin.


Men may scoff, and men may pray, but they pay every pleasure with a pain.

William Henley

Curiosity is only vanity. Most frequently we wish not to know, but to talk. We would not take a sea voyage for the sole pleasure of seeing without hope of ever telling.

Blaise Pascal
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