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Our business in life is not to get ahead of others, but to get ahead of ourselves -- to break our own records, to outstrip our yesterday by our today

Stewart B. Johnson

Today, if you are not confused, you are just not thinking clearly.

U. Peter

If Buddhism preaches nonviolence,why is there so much political violence in Sri Lanka today?

Stanley Jeyaraja Tambiah

You are today where your thoughts have brought you; you will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you.

James Allen

To live anywhere in the world today and be against equality because of race or color is like living in Alaska and being against snow.

William Faulkner

The future belongs to those who prepare for it today.

Malcolm X

The best preparation for good work tomorrow is to do good work today

Elbert Hubbard

Income tax returns are the most imaginative fiction being written today.

Herman Wouk

The crisis of today is the joke of tomorrow.

H. G. Wells

The issue today is the same as it has been throughout all history, whether man shall be allowed to govern himself or be ruled by a small elite.

Thomas Jefferson

If today's act does not sound an alarm, society faces grave danger. Fascism will come knocking at the door of every citizen if we do not take serious measures now.

Borukh Gorin

Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting. So... get on your way.

Dr. Seuss

Literature was formerly an art and finance a trade: today it is the reverse.

Joseph Roux

The man who graduates today and stops learning tomorrow is uneducated the day after.

Newton D. Baker

The fireworks begin today. Each diploma is a lighted match. Each one of you is a fuse.

Edward Koch

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