Ability Quotes

You are the only person on earth who can use your ability.

Zig Ziglar

A man of ability and the desire to accomplish something can do anything.

Donald Kircher

Ability is what you're capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it.

Lou Holtz

Success is the maximum utilization of the ability that you have.

Zig Ziglar

Wealth is the ability to fully experience life.

Henry David Thoreau

The difference between one man and another is not mere ability - it is energy

Thomas Arnold

Nothing so conclusively proves a man's ability to lead others as what he does from day to day to lead himself.

Thomas J. Watson, Sr.

It is not my ability, but my response to God’s ability, that counts.

Corrie Ten Boom

The ability to convert ideas to things is the secret of outward success.

Henry Ward Beecher

I know of no more encouraging fact than the unquestionable ability of man to elevate his life by conscious endeavor.

Henry David Thoreau

Executive ability is deciding quickly and getting somebody else to do the work.

John G. Pollard

Every person is responsible for all the good within the scope of his abilities, and for no more, and none can tell whose sphere is the largest.

Gail Hamilton

There is something that is much more scarce, something rarer than ability. It is the ability to recognize ability.

Robert Half

Ability may get you to the top, but it takes character to keep you there.

John Wooden

Natural abilities are like natural plants; they need pruning by study.

Francis Bacon

If you give people tools, [and they use] their natural ability and their curiosity, they will develop things in ways that will surprise you very much beyond what you might have expected.

Bill Gates

Ability without honor is useless.

Marcus Tullius Cicero

Native ability without education is like a tree without fruit


Education is the ability to listen to almost anything without losing your temper.

Robert Frost

Enduring setbacks while maintaining the ability to show others the way to go forward is a true test of leadership.

Nitin Nohria

The ability to relate and to connect, sometimes in odd and yet striking fashion, lies at the very heart of any creative use of the mind, no matter in what field or discipline.

George J. Seidel

Nature creates ability; luck provides it with opportunity.

Francois de la Rochefoucauld

If you have ability in a certain area, why not capitalize on it and improve it and use it?

Wilt Chamberlain

Often the difference between a successful person and a failure is not one has better abilities or ideas, but the courage that one has to bet on one's ideas, to take a calculated risk - and to act.

Andre Malraux

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