Architecture Quotes

The mother art is architecture. Without an architecture of our own we have no soul of our own civilization.

Frank Lloyd Wright

An architect is the drawer of dreams

Grace McGarvie

Architecture is the art of how to waste space.

Philip Johnson

A man of eighty has outlived probably three new schools of painting, two of architecture and poetry and a hundred in dress

Lord Byron

All fine architectural values are human values, else not valuable.

Frank Lloyd Wright

Fashion is architecture: it is a matter of proportions.

Coco Chanel

Architecture, of all the arts, is the one which acts the most slowly, but the most surely, on the soul

Ernest Dimnet

Writing about music is like dancing about architecture.

Laurie Anderson

A great architect is not made by way of a brain nearly so much as he is made by way of a cultivated, enriched heart.

Frank Lloyd Wright

Architecture starts when you carefully put two bricks together. There it begins.

Ludwig Mies van der Rohe

Architecture is the will of an epoch translated into space.

Ludwig Mies van der Rohe

There are a great many things about architecture that are hidden from the untrained eye.

Frank Gehry

Architecture is not all about the design of the building and nothing else, it is also about the cultural setting and the ambience, the whole affair.

Michael Graves

Organic architecture seeks superior sense of use and a finer sense of comfort, expressed in organic simplicity.

Frank Lloyd Wright

A large number of us have developed a feeling that architects tend to design houses for the approval of fellow architects and critics, not for the tenants.

Charles, Prince of Wales
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