Battle Quotes

Next to a battle lost, the greatest misery is a battle won.

Duke Of Wellington

Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.


The battle is tough but if you reach where you want to go, then at least in some sense it is worth it.

Adolf Galland

I cannot lead you into battle. I do not give you laws or administer justice but I can do something else - I can give my heart and my devotion to these old islands and to all the peoples of our brotherhood of nations.

Queen Elizabeth II

Battles are won by slaughter and maneuver. The greater the general, the more he contributes in maneuver, the less he demands in slaughter

Winston Churchill

Economy is half the battle of life. It is not so hard to earn money as to spend it well.

Charles H. Spurgeon

No battle plan survives contact with the enemy

Colin Powell

If the battle for civilization comes down to the wimps versus the barbarians, the barbarians are going to win.

Thomas Sowell

Our greatest battles are that with our own minds

Jameson Frank

There was never a good war or a bad peace

Benjamin Franklin

Battles decide everything.

Karl von Clausewitz

The first blow is half the battle.

Oliver Goldsmith

Humanity has won its battle. Liberty now has a country

Marquis De Lafayette

In a battle all you need to make you fight is a little hot blood and the knowledge that it's more dangerous to lose than to win

George Bernard Shaw

France has lost the battle but she has not lost the war

Charles de Gaulle

To conquer oneself is a greater victory than to conquer thousands in a battle


Unhappy the general who comes on the field of battle with a system.

Napoleon Bonaparte

Now, the American people have got to go about their business. We cannot let the terrorists achieve the objective of frightening our nation to the point where we don't conduct business, where people don't shop.

George Walker Bush

I have killed, robbed, and injured too many white men to believe in a good peace. They are medicine, and I would eventually die a lingering death. I had rather die on the field of battle.

Sitting Bull

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