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To be a Naturalist is better than to be a King.

Charles William (

Truth dont require the aid ov elegant and high stepping words, tew express its force, or buty, it iz like water, tastes better out ov a wooden bucket, than it duz out ov a golden goblet.

Henry Wheeler Shaw

It is better to die for an idea that will live, than to live for an idea that will die.

Stephen Bantu Biko

I'm very lonely now, Mary, For the poor make no new friends; But oh they love the better still The few our Father sends!

Helen Blackwood, Baroness Dufferin and Claneboye

I got new shit, Im getting better still.


Whatever you wanna drink girl, pick right now. If you cant hold your liquor, better quit right now.


Kush rolled, glass full, I prefer the better things.


They say if you get her, you could understand her better and she known to be a cheater, but thats only if you let her.


Ive seen it all before. Now that its over I shoulda known better than to think this was real and you could be mine.


Dont leave something good to find something better. Once you realize you had the best, the best has found better.


I think better when Im not sober.


Just be yourself, there is no one better.

Taylor Swift

Im sleepin, Im dreamin. I know theres a better way cause Ive seen it Lord.

Lil Wayne

Cause I don't know how it gets better than this. You take my hand and drag me head first.

Taylor Swift

Now that its over. I should have known better than to think this is real and you could be mine.


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