Blogging Quotes

Blogs are whatever we make them. Defining 'blog' is a fool's errand.

Michael Conniff

The casual conversational tone of a blog is what makes it particularly dangerous.

Daniel B. Beaulieu

A blog is in many ways a continuing conversation

Andrew Sullivan

Where the Internet is about availability of information, blogging is about making information creation available to anyone.

George Siemens

I think it is equally tiresome and useless to argue about whether blogs are journalism, for journalism is not limited by the tool or medium or person used in the act


The heart and soul of blogging is the individual and/or the group of individuals opining on the fly and responding post-haste to one and all.

Michael Conniff

A blog is a type of website that is usually arranged in chronological order from the most recent ‘post’ (or entry) at the top of the main page to the older entries towards the bottom.

Darren rowse

Your blog is your unedited version of yourself.


Your blog is what you say when there is nobody standing over your shoulder telling you what to do.


The personal nature of the blog is what they find appealing.

Ethan G. Salwen

The first thing you need to decide when you build your blog is what you want to accomplish with it, and what it can do if successful.

Ron Dawson

Blogging is a conversation not a code

Mike Butcher

Blogging is a communications mechanism handed to us by the long tail of the Internet.

Tom Foremski

The heart of blogging is linking...linking and commenting. Connecting and communicating - the purpose of the Internet.

George Siemens

Blogging is best learned by blogging...and by reading other bloggers.

George Siemens
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