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I walk as one unclothed of flesh, I wash my spirit clean; I see old miracles afresh, And wonders yet unseen. I will not leave Thee till Thou give Some word whereby my soul may live! I listened but no voice I heard; I looked no likeness saw; Slowly the joy of flower and bird Did like a tide withdraw; And in the heaven a silent star Smiled on me, infinitely far.

Francis William Bourdillon

She spilled whiskey on her shirt, she gon have to get it cleaned. She been going way to hard, someone has to intervene.


They know where carter at, straight off the launching pad. Marching on the moon muthafucka I been to mars and back. Cleaner than laundry mats.

Lil Wayne

Im rare, like Mr. Clean with hair.

Lil Wayne

So I humbly accept the honor, keeping in mind the words of a British playwright, John Mortimer it was, "No brilliance is needed in the law. Nothing but common sense and relatively clean fingernails." Well at best I've got one of the two of those.

Paul David Hewson
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