Endurance Quotes

Endurance is patience concentrated.

Thomas Carlyle

Endurance is one of the most difficult disciplines, but it is to the one who endures that the final victory comes.


Endurance is nobler than strength and patience than beauty.

John Ruskin

A man may die, nations may rise and fall, but an idea lives on. Ideas have endurance without death.

John Fitzgerald Kennedy

God places the heaviest burden on those who can carry its weight.

Reggie White

Suffering produces endurance, and endurance produces character, and character produces hope .


The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppos

Frederick Douglass

Endurance is frequently a form of indecision.

Elizabeth Bibesco

Endurance is the crowning quality…

James Russell Lowell

For you have need of endurance, so that when you have done the will of God, you may receive what was promised.

The Holy Bible

Only he who knows his own weaknesses can endure those of others.

Japanese Proverb

The men, who learn endurance, are they who call the whole world, brother.

Charles Dickens

The stupid fear fortune, the wise endure it.

Latin Proverb

Wondrous is the strength of cheerfulness, and its power of endurance – the cheerful man will do more in the same time, will do it; better, will preserve it longer, than the sad or sullen.

Thomas Carlyle

Prolonged endurance tames the bold.

Lord Byron

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Updated On : March 01, 2013
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