Extravagance Quotes

Extravagance is the luxury of the poor; penury is the luxury of the rich.

Oscar Wilde

I would rather have my people laugh at my economies than weep for my extravagance.

Oscar II of Sweden

It is a gorgeous, great rose-pink cavern of highly unconventional Gothic, a marvelous enclosure of space, a dated and unforgettable masterpiece of breathtaking audacity and extravagance.


Nouveau riche is better than no riche.

Imelda Marcos

An extravagance is anything you buy that is of no earthly use to your wife.

Franklin P. Jones

Extravagance is its own destroyer.


These unhappy people were proposing schemes for persuading monarchs to choose favourites upon the score of their wisdom, capacity and virtue; of teaching ministers to consult the public good; of rewarding merit, great abilities and eminent services; of instructing princes to know their true interest by placing it on the same foundation with that of their people: of choosing for employment persons qualified to exercise them; with many other wild impossible chimeras, that never entered before into the heart of man to conceive, and confirmed in me the old observation, that there is nothing so extravagant and irrational which some philosophers have not maintained for truth.

Jonathan Swift

Whether you are hoping for an extravagant wedding or a simple ceremony, your special day should be filled with blissful memories. Being financially prepared will help make sure this day is one of the best days of your life. It is important to remember that while the wedding is an important event, it is designed to celebrate the start of a marriage. Making healthy financial decisions early will lead to a lifetime of financial freedom and happiness together.

Cate Williams

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Updated On : February 14, 2011
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