Golf Quotes

It is impossible to imagine Goethe or Beethoven being good at billiards or golf

Henry Louis Mencken

I see no reason why Tiger Woods won't become a great player. Man, can he smoke some shots. A little refinement on Tiger's short game and there'll be nothing. He's already pretty darn imposing

Corey Pavin

Shoot a lower score than everybody else

Ben Hogan

If I'm on the course and lightning starts, I get inside fast. If God wants to play through, let him

Bob Hope

Somewhere along the line I'll be recognized as one of the top players in the Nicklaus era. That's all I want to be remembered for

Lee Trevino

Double or nothing down the last hole?

Greg Norman

I wasn't there long enough to hear them say what they were

John Huston

This place Augusta National rejects me like a skin transplant.

Lee Trevino

The fairways were so narrow you had to walk down them single file

Sam Snead

Why do we work so hard to feel so terrible

Hollis Stacy

Hey, is this room out of bounds?

Alex Karras

It's a little bit disheartening that here we have the biggest first prize in the golf world and half the guys don't turn up

Michael Campbell

I think I fail a bit less than everyone else.

Jack Nicklaus

Essentially, he has been retired since he was 21

Jack Nicklaus

I've always made a total effort, even when the odds seemed entirely against me. I never quit trying; I never felt that I didn't have a chance to win

Arnold Palmer

As you walk down the fairway of life you must smell the roses, for you only get to play one round

Ben Hogan

A lot of guys who have have never choked, have never been in the position to do so

Tom Watson

I'm hitting the woods just great, but I'm having a terrible time getting out of them

Harry Tofcano

Golf is an ideal diversion, but a ruinous disease

Bertie Forbes

Golf is twenty percent mechanics and technique. The other eighty percent is philosophy, humor, tragedy, romance, melodrama, companionship, camaraderie, cussedness, and conversation

Grantland Rice

It's the most fun I've had with my clothes on.

Lee Trevino

The only shots you can be sure of are those you've had already.

Byron Nelson

Golf is good walk spoiled

Mark Twain

My game is so bad I gotta hire three caddies- one to walk the left rough, one for the right, and one for the middle. And the one in the middle doesn't have much to do.

Dave Hill

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