Interest Quotes

It is always pleasant to learn that someone takes an interest in a work which one enjoyed writing.

James Schuyler

We all lose our looks eventually. Better develop your character and interest in life.

Jacqueline Bisset

It is vain to talk of the interest of the community, without understanding what is the interest of the individual.

Jeremy Bentham

It is the interest one takes in books that makes a library. And if a library have interest it is; if not, it isn't.

Carolyn Wells

Show interest in all people, not just those from whom you want something. Making people feel important and good about themselves is just the right thing to do.

Bo Bennett

When a thing ceases to be a subject of controversy, it ceases to be a subject of interest.

William Hazlitt

To appreciate nonsense requires a serious interest in life.

Gelett Burgess

The public interest is best served by the free exchange of ideas.

Judge John Kane

The true secret of happiness lies in taking a genuine interest in all the details of daily life.

William Morris

We interest others by the misfortune we spread around us.

Emile M. Cioran

Men often act knowingly against their interest.

David Hume

Enthusiasm glows, radiates, permeates and immediately captures everyone's interest.

Paul J. Meyer

Interest does not tie nations together; it sometimes separates them. But sympathy and understanding does unite them.

Woodrow Wilson

Interest is the spur of the people, but glory that of great souls. Invention is the talent of youth, and judgment of age.

Jonathan Swift

Politicians neither love nor hate. Interest, not sentiment, directs them.

Lord Chesterfield

It is the interest of the commercial world that wealth should be found everywhere.

Edmund Burke

Wherever there is interest and power to do wrong, wrong will generally be done.

James Madison

Worry is the interest paid by those who borrow trouble.

George Washington

The power of vested interests is vastly exaggerated compared with the gradual encroachment of ideas

John Maynard Keynes

Let us ever remember that our interest is in concord, not in conflict; and that our real eminence rests in the victories of peace, not those of war.

William McKinley

It is a cursed evil to any man to become as absorbed in any subject as I am in mine

Charles Darwin

One needs occasionally to stand aside from the hum and rush of human interests and passions to hear the voices of God.

Anna Julia Cooper

Perhaps no place in any community is so totally democratic as the town library. The only entrance requirement is interest.

Claudia Lady Bird Johnson

The shepherd always tries to persuade the sheep that their interests and his own are the same.


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