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Success is not in what you have, but who you are.

Bo Bennet

To win without risk is to triumph without glory.


Our feelings are our most genuine paths to knowledge.

Audre Lorde

Fortune favors the prepared mind.

Pasteur, Louis

Action makes more fortune than caution.

Charlotte Whitton

Follow the grain in your own wood.

Howard Thurman

Success is the progressive realization of a worthy goal.

Earl Nightingale

Vulgarity is simply the conduct of other people.

Oscar Wilde

Fanaticism is overcompensation for doubt.

Robertson Davies

Better an ugly face than an ugly mind.

James Ellis

If you can believe it, the mind can achieve it.

Ronnie Lott

Desperation is sometimes as powerful an inspirer as genius

Bejamin Disraeli

Desperation is sometimes as powerful an inspirer as genius.

Disraeli, Benjamin

When truth is divided, errors multiply

Eli Siegel

Truth is such a rare thing, it is delightful to tell it

Emily Dickinson

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Updated On : October 27, 2013
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