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The best throw of the dice is to throw them away.

English proverb

Mountaintops inspire leaders but valleys mature them.

Sir Winston Churchill

A sage thing is timely silence, and better than any speech


You have to erect a fence and say, ''Okay, scale this

Linda Ronstadt

A period is just the beginning of a lifelong sentence

Cathy Crimmins

A wit should be no more sincere than a woman constant.

William Congreve

A wit with dunces, and a dunce with wits.

Alexander Pope

And wit's the noblest frailty of the mind.

Thomas Shadwell

Conceit causes more conversation than wit.

Francois de La Rochefoucauld

Confidence contributes more to conversation than wit.

Francois de La Rochefoucauld

Don't set your wit against a child.

Jonathan Swift

Far less envy in America than in France, and far less wit.


His foe was folly and his weapon wit.

Anthony Hope

I'm keeping my acerbic wit completely fueled.

Janice Dickinson

Impropriety is the soul of wit.

W. Somerset Maugham

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